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Im late but it says its not safe so idk what to do :/

I'm pretty sure the file is safe to use.

Could you share a screenshot of the issue you have?


can I play this on my MacBook bc I really really want too! if not how can I play it?

Deleted 190 days ago

I'm sorry, it's available for Windows only.

u cant but hey chiaki i know your here to play just because its chiakis fav game but dw same here


I love this game! Can you make this in android please?


Amazing game! Can you make it for Android, please?


I know this isn't available on android/ios but, are there any games from mobile that is like this?

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nvm actually really fun lmfao

Thank you so much for playing

glad to hear you enjoyed it ^^

omf  youre  welcome bby <33


Played it, and got to around 800 points before I got rekt. v.v RIP. Fun tho


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it ^^